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Our clients range from large corporations to small businesses to non-profits; our overall goal is for good public policy for our clients and all of Idaho.
Suicide Prevention in Idaho


Suicide affects everyone. It may be a family member, a friend, or a member of your community. And the survivors of this devastating event can be traumatized for a long time.

Background: Idaho consistently remains in the top 5 states of suicide per capita; one of the highest rates is in middle- and high-school children. While much has been done to combat suicide in Idaho – education, training, PSAs, the Suicide Hotline – a united front did not exist.

Until Taylor + Company developed a unified strategy. By working with all suicide-prevention groups, and later many institutions affected, we developed the Idaho Suicide Prevention Coalition (ISPC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, to develop a unified strategy for Idaho.

Nate Fisher serves as Public Policy Advisor and Lobbyist for ISPC. Through our efforts, in the 2016 Idaho Legislature, ISPC was successful in gaining new and ongoing appropriations ($971,100) for suicide prevention, including a new suicide prevention office in the Department of Health & Welfare.

Hi-tech Competition in Idaho


In 2017, the Idaho Legislature passed legislation to establish a “non-compete clause” for Idaho companies, which would prevent employees from jumping company-to-company with trade secrets. The resulting law was particularly strict because it put the onus on employees to prove that they would not harm their former employers by taking
the new jobs.

Background:  The tech/startup industry relies on a younger talent pool that often jumps around from opportunity to opportunity and providing their efforts where they can. Turnover rates are high as businesses work to get off the ground.

In July of that year, the New York Times excoriated the State for the new law: noncompete-law.html

For our hi-tech clients, Taylor + Company will work in the 2018 Idaho Legislature to amend / repeal the law. This places Idaho’s high-tech community, which is rapidly growing, in a severe disadvantage with other states.

Invasive Species

Quagga and Zebra Mussels, foreign aquatic species, have overtaken Eastern lakes and rivers, imperiling native species and overwhelming everything from hydropower intakes, agriculture pipelines, boats and shorelines, devastating US waters. Recently, Montana has discovered mussel larvae in their lakes, and Montana’s Governor has declared a natural disaster.

Background: If these invasive species invade Idaho, the entire Columbia River Basin, the Snake River Basin, and all native species and water users would be imperiled. Currently, Idaho’s programs to prevent the infestation of these species includes:

  • Boat inspections at our borders to identify and clean any infected out-of-state watercraft,
  • A Rapid Response post-infestation program in place

But, to our clients, this was not enough. That is why, in the 2017 Legislature, we passed two urgent bills:

H211, to:

“amend Idaho code 67-7008A increasing the invasive species sticker fee for non-residents from twenty-two dollars ($22) to thirty dollars ($30). as Idaho becomes more popular for tourist, we must ensure that we are able to maintain and increase our efforts in protecting our great state from invasive species. This is a critical recommendation from the invasive species working group.”

HJM 4, to:

“encourage western states and the federal government to establish cooperative and coordinated efforts with the State of Idaho to prevent, to whatever extent possible, through efforts including inspections, decontamination policies, enforcement of invasive species laws and rapid response protocols, further spread of the mussels, and containment where established, until such time as viable tools for eradication are discovered.”

This allowed the Idaho Department of Agriculture to take a more aggressive approach to invasive species in Idaho. This year we will have a full report of current efforts and, if not enough is being accomplished, we will continue our work.

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